My first foray into the art of Bonsai

The Cleveland Bonsai Club

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I attended the local bonsai club meeting on May 24. It was an elightening meeting with a great take away. The key note speaker was Ken from located out of Akron ohio. He spoke about how to remove the gnarly knobs that grow on certain types of elms, without damaging the trunk of the tree. That was a very good thing to learn as I am growing an elm from seed, and it appears as it I have the variation that he was teaching on (based on the leaf shape). He also brought many other pre-bonsai specimens that were available for purchase. Which of course I did.

This is Ken holding the tree before the repotting and pruning.



And this is the tree after I pruned it.




He recommended this MAME style for the tree, and I am so glad that I took his advice. He assured me that within two weeks I would have buds shooting out all over the place. And two weeks to the day this is the result…



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